CEBA History

The role of the Business Administrator within Catholic Educational Institutes has always been such, that many and varied interpretations of the dimension of this position have existed. The 1970's saw the movement within Catholic Educational Institutes to appoint Business Administrators and hence the need for a forum 'to promote closer co-operation and enable increased professionalism in the performance of duties' was expressed. With the support of the Catholic Education Offices (Victoria) and the Association of Principals of Catholic Secondary Schools (Victoria), this association was formed in September 1984 to be known as the "Victorian Catholic Secondary Schools Bursars' Association".

The primary focus of this new association was to provide a forum for members, to discuss and exchange information on the business management of Catholic schools. It would provide support for those who needed it and explore avenues for professional development, however in the early years industrial relations could not be ignored. The records of these years reflect the disquiet felt by some members when the association became involved in award jurisdiction and related matters. It is pleasing to note that this did not cause any serious dispute among the members, but rather fostered a respect for the views of others.

In 1988 the association became known as "Business Administrators' Association Catholic Schools Victoria" (BAACSV). The association was acknowledged as being the professional group representing nearly all the Catholic School Business Administrators. It readily became the official channel of communication for related organizations, and continued to provide a forum for exchange of information.

Since 1994 a new emphasis on professional development emerged with the establishment of bi-ennial conferences. These conferences have been very popular and continue to provide the opportunity for members to be exposed to the changing trends in business management. To further strengthen the professional development commitment of the association, BAACSV was successful in establishing an association with the Australian Council of Educational Administrators (ACEA). This provides members with enviable access to educational information and professional development opportunities.

One of the strengths of the association has been the willingness of the members to embrace change, and this was reflected in the acceptance of a further change of name in 1999 to the "Catholic Education Business Administrators" (CEBA). This title reflects the growth of the association and its expanding role of support for those engaged in business administration.

Special tribute should be paid to those who gave so generously of their time and talents as Committee members, and especially to those who acted as presidents:
Full NameYears
Gary Joseph Casey2013 - 2017
Mark Glover2009 - 2012
Kathy Maiolo2009 - 2009
Allan Thompson2007 - 2008
Rosemary Scarlett2005 - 2006
Jim Flynn2003 - 2004
Alan Watts2001 - 2002
Chris Maine1999 - 2000
Paul McMaster1997 - 1998
Joan Ryan1994 - 1996
John Kelly1990 - 1993
John Kennedy1988 - 1989
Reg Elder1984 - 1987

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